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Let our estate lawyer in Cape May Court House, NJ, help plan your estate in the courthouse.

Estate Lawyer in Cape May County, NJ

Rely on the Law Office of Richard E. Sandman when you need an experienced estate lawyer in Cape May County, NJ. Whether you’re creating or drafting a living will, you need someone you can trust to be your power of attorney. A legal professional is an optimal choice as they have nothing to gain by distributing your estate. We’ll make sure that your beneficiaries receive exactly what you wish them to receive from your hard-earned estate. Reach out to us to learn more about our reasonable rates and legal document preparation.

Make Planning for Your Future a Priority

Our law office encourages clients to seek our legal assistance with the following:

  • Estate Administration
  • Will
  • Living Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Contested Will
  • Guardianship
  • Inheritance Tax Issues

Litigation Law

Put the right attorney by your side and ensure that your legal rights are protected. With more than two decades of experience delivering real results, attorney Richard E. Sandman can be counted on to fight for justice in your case from beginning to end. Our personalized representation ensures you get the attention you need. Whether you’re facing a contract dispute, starting the estate planning process, or dealing with a complex issue in probate court, get the strong voice you need to get a fair resolution. So don’t waste a second — call us today.

The Benefits of Going Through a Probate Court House in NJ

Though probate is often described as something that should be avoided whenever possible, there are a few advantages to the process. The Law Office of Richard E. Sandman is happy to speak with you about the probate court house in NJ. Probate involves distributing a deceased person’s assets under court supervision by a representative they assign. Anything that isn’t passed directly to beneficiaries has to go through probate regardless of whether the person left a last will and testament. The decisions that follow are official and legally binding, eliminating potential disputes.

This ensures the proper beneficiaries receive what they’re entitled to even without a will. Those who may not be able to afford estate planning or a real estate law attorney like ours may be better off in a probate court house. In these situations, the court validates any wills, avoiding confusion over whether they hold up. The court also supervises the administrator to ensure the job is done right, which protects beneficiaries. Our attorney has over 20 years of experience in family law that covers property settlement, so we can easily answer any questions you have about probate.